The living room area was designed with style and comfort in mind.

Get yourself comfortable on a huge sofa directed at 55″ LCD Smart TV with pool view on your right hand side.

All bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms, aircon units, king-size beds and essentials. First two bedrooms are situated at the ground floor with pool view, while master bedroom and the last one are located on the second floor with direct access to balcony overlooking the pool. Some of the amenities in the master bedroom include bath tub, two sinks with hot water, working space and more.

The villa is located in a very quiet residential neighborhood, ensuring great sleeping experience.

The dining room is accommodates up to eight people, conveniently located next to a fully equipped kitchen adjacent to living room. Enjoy your dining with a tasty meal of your choice prepared by our staff or just have a glass of wine with your loved ones.